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Wondering how people's minds work

I have always been curious as to how my mind specifically works, and I have found that I process information very differently than others do. Certain people need an actual physical thing in order to be able to learn from what they are doing. Others combine the physical thing with the text information and are able to process it greatly. I other hand do not have a standard way of learning things. I use mnemonic to learn everything and this method has always helped me but has a tendency to confuse those that do not use it or that do not use it for everything. Because of this it makes me wonder whether I am the only person who can find the answer to things that you haven't learned yet. Is there anyone who has used mnemonic devices to learn things that normally you wouldn't need a mnemonic device or that it wasn't necessary to use one? If so, please send me an email with specific examples and if you want it published, I will.