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Unemployed = Your own Business.Well sometimes.

While researching the IRS website, I noticed that many people who become unemployed start their business in hopes to rise from the pitfalls of being unemployed. If you have ever been unemployed, then you know that it can be a very depressing and low point in your life and you may wonder what you will do next or better decide to jump into the self-employed business yourself. But it isn't as easy as advertisers want you to believe. Especially with jobs such as independent sales representatives. You have to literally hustle every day and every night just to get a buck in. And if you're like me who has children who depend on them, being focused on getting one dollar can be tiring, stressful and can make your kids want to tell you to get a real job. I know. How do you balance this then???? How do you make it work??? I believe the more people you know the better. Build a support group among friends, family and even your children. Make them feel as though they are contributing to you…