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Changes to the Blog

I've recently changed the look of my blog and soon will be adding a new page in which I will post a short story of the day to make the site more interesting to readers like you. As many of you know, I try to write something every few days or so and sometimes it does take a week. Also from time to time I will post special offers or deals from my Mark by Avon website which you can view at on to here, as my other job is Independent Seller Representative. So be on lookout for the new page addition and if you have any suggestions, ideas, or want your short story to appear here, let me know!

Just read in yahoo news about an Ohio 8yr old boy......

Who was taken away from his home because he weighed 218pds! I have to say that the world has gotten very very serious with everyday life. I am hesitant to believe that the child was taken purely because they were overweight, because there could be other factors that have caused him to be this obese. For example, were his parents overweight? grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters? etc. Did the family have a case against them already by the child welfare? Did someone think that the child was being abused as well? All these questions are something that I would think would be asked before taking the child away, but probably will not be answered to the world. If this child was taken purely because they were overweight, I think we are going to see many many more stories like these all over the world. There are many children overweight now in this generation than they were before. And while I agree that an 8yr old child should not weigh over 100 pounds unless their height is on the s…