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Showing posts from November 13, 2011

It's Unbelievable!

I just saw this picture that goes with this article Occupy protesters arrested in NYC finance district and wow I have to say that is ALOT of people. You can click on the link above to view the article or click on the left to go to yahoo news.

   "According to, yahoo news, An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator is arrested by the New York City Police during what protest organizers call a "Day of Action" in New York November 17, 2011. Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters marched through New York's financial district toward the stock exchange on Thursday to protest economic inequality at the heart of the American capitalism. REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS CIVIL UNREST)"

Is it all worth it?

Of course it is! Life is a beautiful thing and if you are lucky enough to be here, then definitely enjoy it because it is worth it. Just a few weeks ago read a story about a guy getting killed in a crash. I know we hear about car crashes all the time, but it really opens your eyes that at any moment, any time, our lives could end. It's crazy but true. So let's live it up and enjoy!!!!

Make the most of your time

And already Christmas is being advertised. It is crazy how time flies as you get older. The more things you add to your to-do list, the faster time seems to move. Many of you have probably sensed this movement of time, and many of you probably haven't. Either way time is valuable and can never be replaced or replenished, so make the most of your