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Showing posts from October 30, 2011

How do you give thanks on Thanksgiving Day?

I am thankful everyday, that I am healthy and can spend time with my family. On thanksgiving, I try to spend it with family that I haven't seen in awhile, including my parents and siblings. It is a special day and to me it is more important than Christmas. So enjoy the day and be thankful for everything that you have because not many people have that opportunity to be around those they love or even have food for this special day.

Halloween Day -

Halloween has become as popular as say Christmas, OK maybe not that popular, but it is enough that it can make people young and old start buying costumes and making plans for Halloween parties. And it seems as though everyone enjoys the fun side of this day. I know of many adults, well into their mid to late thirties, (yes to late thirties), buying their costumes and planning for their party or other people that they know of. They either are going with their children or they are going with their friends or significant others and they have fun doing it.

And although Halloween can have a dark meaning to it, It is the one day when families can dress however they want, without someone saying something about it. Is this reason I think that it can also bring families together, much like thanksgiving and Christmas, enjoy the day without any stress and just have fun. Well in my opinion anyway. Have fun, Be safe, and ENJOY!!!