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Showing posts from September 11, 2011

Enjoying Classes

A couple of weeks ago I started school after almost ten years of not attending. I really thought that coming back would be tough but so far it hasn't been and I'm actually quite enjoying it. I am in my junior year and by next year I will have graduated with my bachelor's. Wow! Totally amazing when I think about it like that. My children are all proud of me and support me in every way. They help me when I get home to gather my books and are always looking out for me wondering if I have homework or not. Lol. I guess it comes from me helping them all the time with their homework and asking them how school went and such. I have a child in high school and I hope that my going back motivates him to continue his education as high as he can go the first time around instead of taking a break and then going back. To me it was a better decision for me to wait to go back to school because my children were younger when I was going the first time around. But to others it might not be a …