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Finding your "Lobster" - Your other half

Let's take a look at the quote I found..I will give my thoughts on it. The best love is unexpected.
You don't just pick someone and hope it works out like friendships. No, this is different. You meet by fate and it's an instant connection and the chemistry between you is way above your head. You just look at them and see the lips moving as they talk to you about something they love. You see the lips curve in a certain way when they smile or the colour of their eyes that just mesmerises you. And then.. all at once.
You know you are either lucky or screwed..
Yes sometimes love is unexpected. Take for instance a friend of mine. She was having alot of issues with her marriage that ultimately ended her relationship. They had a few kids together and they decided to share custody. He moved on less than a year after they broke up. As for her? It took her 5yrs because she thought he had been the "one". She had gotten her heart broken by the guy before him and when she met …
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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Hi Everyone!

It's been awhile and I apologize for that. Life has happened to me and I just didn't have time to post. But I will try to continue posting at least once a week. I hope everyone has had a great day and Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there today!

What an accomplishment!

As i had said before what a year! Life has been going great! And I love all these new shows and movies that are being aired. I cannot wait to see Insidious 2 in September! It sure looks spooky! I have to say that scary movies were not my thing. All that blood and gore was a bit much. I don't know how much blood and gore this movie will have, but i do know that i absolutely loved the first part! It really had me hooked to wanting more and more is what I will be getting in September! Absolutely awesome! School has become second nature to me and It is definitely going to be a transition once I graduate. I am sure it will be great! I am still working on my book and once I have finalized it, I will be sure to mention it! It will be exciting! I have to go, but will be back soon with more!

What a year!

What an exciting year this has been! I've been very very busy with lots of new ides and I can't wait to make them a reality! I am hoping to have them available by the end of the year! Also, the mark products like purses, makeup, clothes are still available! Inbox me and I will send the link to my store. I'll be back soon with more stories and updates!

What's going on in Entertainment?

I try to stay current with events that happen around the world and entertainment is one of them. Recently I read an article on yahoo, which stated that Bradley Cooper had been named the "Sexiest Man Alive of 2012" in People magazine but that some fans thought Ryan Gosling should have been nominated. Bradley Cooper has been talked about more, I think that Ryan Gosling will take the prize for next year!

What do you think ?

Images taken from
Top Picture is Ryan Gosling
Bottom Picture is Bradley Cooper

Accomplishment ! Acquring the things you want can happen.

As children, we can't wait to grow up and have our 2.5 kids, white picket fence house and most expensive car on the block. And then you grow up and realize that life is not that easy and acquiring these things can be tough because of possible debt that you may have incurred between the time you graduated high school to your college graduation, and the dream may seem impossible. It doesn't have to be impossible, it can happen. A few things that can help.
FORGET the time limits you have placed on the things you want.
For example, getting married by 25 or having kids by 30. It may seem like a good idea as a child,  but as an adult, life happens and your schedule may not coincide with what you planned. By not putting a time limit on the things you want, the goal will be much more attainable and will not stress or overwhelm you.
BE HAPPY when you accomplish something, regardless of how old you are.
For example, ever since you were a child, you wanted to drive a car and you end up l…

Wondering how people's minds work

I have always been curious as to how my mind specifically works, and I have found that I process information very differently than others do. Certain people need an actual physical thing in order to be able to learn from what they are doing. Others combine the physical thing with the text information and are able to process it greatly. I other hand do not have a standard way of learning things. I use mnemonic to learn everything and this method has always helped me but has a tendency to confuse those that do not use it or that do not use it for everything. Because of this it makes me wonder whether I am the only person who can find the answer to things that you haven't learned yet. Is there anyone who has used mnemonic devices to learn things that normally you wouldn't need a mnemonic device or that it wasn't necessary to use one? If so, please send me an email with specific examples and if you want it published, I will.